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Flipping on the bedside lamp, he pulls his covers off his aching foot and instantly gasps at the sight. On the side, right where the ache is deepest, the bone is jutting out at a weird angle and his stomach rolls at the sight. When he tries to move his foot slightly, searing pain nearly makes him lose his dinner. None of his past breaks have ever hurt this much. Peter steels himself with a deep breath as another pulse of pain stabs his ankle. His fingers fumble to accept the call. When he speaks, his voice comes out more like a squeak than anything else. Tony cuts right to the chase. Tony curses under his breath and Peter hears a lot of movement from the other end of the line.

Banner made. I dunno, maybe you could just send a couple over in one of your suits? Eleven minutes later, Tony arrives at the apartment and lets himself in with the spare key May had given him when it became apparent Peter's internship was more than just a run-of-the-mill semester-long program.

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Peter gives a small wave. After a moment, the light disappears again. He pulls out his phone and starts typing something as he goes on. Diverting his attention back to the phone screen, Tony gives a short nod of acknowledgment. Tony hums absently.

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Tony huffs. You need x-rays. And a real doctor. With a groan, Peter drapes his arm dramatically over his face. Even my super healing is against me. With a sigh, he lowers the arm from his face and looks miserably up at his mentor. Instead, he steps out of the bedroom and returns a moment later with a cup of water, which he hands to the kid along with two of the super strength painkillers from the orange pill bottle in his pocket.

Peter downs them gratefully. Peter nods.

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Conference for work. The painkillers are strong and Peter ends up sleeping through most of the two-hour drive back to the compound. Bruce gives him a sympathetic smile. Walking on it is only going to cause further problems. He smirks.

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With a groan, Peter transfers himself into the chair. His ankle really does feel better now. Taylor Phinney was looking good at this point. The previous day, he had romped home in the US championships time trial. His beautifully fluid high cadence and rock-steady shoulders looked a world apart from the competition, even passing on the first of two laps — the drag away from the finish area amplifying respective styles.

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    We swiftly move on to bike-related matters and both feel more comfortable with the terrain. Then, hopefully, to the Tour in support of Tejay van Garderen. This feel-good story went so badly awry the following morning. The first descent of Lookout Mountain following the opening laps in the centre of Chattanooga resulted in a high-speed crash for the newly crowned time trial champ: a swerve to avoid a motorcycle marshal, a bounce off the Armco barrier delivering broken left fibia and tibia.

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