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George W. Bestselling Series. So, is walking in His way, keeping the laws, statutes, and commandments the same as bearing fruit? Should we live a life that makes others want to pursue, [or are we to preach] the Gospel to itching ears? The bearing fruit is indeed living the laws, statutes, and commandments having them in your heart as well as passing that light onto others by way of example in your daily conduct living Torah. But there are times when you must verbally pass on light as well.

The Ruach must direct your steps but the bearing of fruit will always result in others eating of your fruit, and not just you yourself. Think of the natural ecosystem: everything in nature feeds something else. So it must be with us. Light must spread outward, visible to those in darkness, otherwise the light is useless. While many have focused on certain aspects of the Promised Land, this article will touch on a little-known aspect, that of the symbols highlighted in the very promise associated with Canaan.

Compare Translations for Isaiah 38:21

Examining the true depths of the Feast of Booths, how it draws us closer to Yah by forcing us to rely solely on him while we reflect on the ancient Israelites and their dependence in the wilderness. We also discuss what it typifies today, coinciding with our modern-day observance according to the spirit of the law. This word is good. I felt the ground moving under my feet as I read this article.

I have been thinking, what am I supposed to be doing with my "new" and "recent" understanding of the Tanakh as it relates to the renewed covenant.

Thank you for the insight. This was very well thought. I have been praying over this subject, as there seem to be many thoughts on "bearing fruit.

Debbie Read (Author of The Concise Book of Figs)

This article, along with all of the information that I have run into here just recently over the past few months, have been very eye-opening. This article was so eye-opening. It really showed me the love of Yah. I am just breaking away from the church and it's teachings. I have so many thoughts going on right now. All my years of teaching what I believe was truth. Yah forgive me.

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