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This lesson plan for teachers of older teenage and adult students at low to mid-intermediate level is about money. Students will develop their fluency through a range of conversational activities. And it can remain so, but as a conversation topic, money is a veritable gold mine! A good conversation lesson can often begin with the students not being sure what the topic of the day is.

Learning Money for Children in 1st and 2nd Grade

But when I teach this lesson I introduce the topic directly, simply to give me a chance to point out that nobody will be required to discuss personal matters related to money. It can be a relief, on occasions, to those who do consider this a very private matter. The plan and worksheets are downloadable and in pdf format.

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Watch professional learning videos to help you teach the content. Ok, I Agree. Money In Real Life. Coin Recognition. Teaching Coins Planning Overview. Coins Frayer Model Thinkboards. Coins Classroom Posters. Teacher Warm-up Visuals -Coins. Everything you need to teach the coins unit. The teacher lesson Plan includes teaching focus, Achievement Standard, grade overvies, children's books and website suggestions, activities overview.

Perfect for warm uos, Lesson Closure, centers and Assessment.

Best Money Lesson Plans & Printables {Hands-On & FUN!}

Simply add a magnet for your own magnetic printables. Coin Pre-Assessment Task. Coin Post Unit Assessment. Brainstorm words for a cain word wall and use this printable to display the words in your classroom. Includes money bunting, money sayings and words. Use this pre assessment activity to see what your kids already know about Australian Coins. Record understanding onto the Teacher Checklists. Make the Student Coin Toppers to check for understanding at the end of the lesson. When students hold up their answer rather than asking for hands up. All you need to fully assess achievement of your students at the end of the Australian Coins Unit.


Click here. Teaching Australian Coins Activities. Piggy Banks Coin Features. Wanted Coins Activity.

Lesson Plans: Choices & Decisions

Sorting Coins Thinkboards. Kids will love learning about the features of Australian coins with this fun Wanted Coins Activity. Print as A3 or A4 and laminate or as a student coin booklet! Sorting Coins Thinkboards are great for centers, assessment and warm up activities. There are 39 different tasks in this download. Australian Coin Jigsaws. Coin Match Mazes. Coin Memory Card Game. Coin Bingo Spinner Games. Laminate or use a reusable pocket. Students match images, money words, digits and names. These coin recognition cards can be used in so many different ways, snap, war, matching. There's 36 written feature cards and 36 picture cards. These spinners add a new level to bingo math games.

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They're much more fun for kids to learn the features of Australian Coins. There are 4 versions available in with a decorative background or a low ink version. You decide!