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Some people will want me to send my agents to them so that they can buy directly but for me to send out my agents. It rained. Was it Friday, Thursday or maybe Sunday? Yes, it rained. The blurred sidewalks were lost In a silence as sharp as a scream. Was it late?

In the air flickered affections, Gradually melting, suspended, Remote amulets of the past. Were we drowning In the cold? Was it the wait? At the platforms, furtive looks Appeared as the light sheets of a book, Barely noticed, already forgotten. Santiago de Chile, Marked by the military dictatorship of September 11, The deep cultural effect of the 17 years of implementation of neoliberalism in Chile is incorporated in his writings.

He has a list of publications of articles, essays, short stories and poetry. In finished his first novel: The station of Mauritius. His poetic work is connected organically with his academic research and his essays and short stories. The grave of the oppressed is in the mind of those that shut up. Well-ventured in the conscious of the adventurous that wayward In turning the other cheek like the bastard Christs.

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In the silence of those who speak, in the levity of the claims The grave of the oppressed should be in the law that also is the cemetery of their memory. Poet and narrator. Bless you, tango because in nights of rage and pain I took you in my arms without caring who provided the music the tears, this farewell fog, who the recurrent story.

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  6. Bless you, scoundrel ritual only by men professed in faraway times. Taciturn lovers who in a turn of the concertina took a leap and dropped upon the prompt rendezvous with destiny, on the dreadful score written before time. Rough melody, in its cellars you can still catch a glimpse of the sword or that other lightning bolt, perhaps more modest, the knife with which epics are written indoors. Bless you because on the soiled snow of this dawn, a desperate man, some man dead of love, greases his hair right now and dances you in flames burnt by his shadow.

    Manual A través del tiempo. La Historia año por año (Colección Algarabía) (Spanish Edition)

    He is a Poet as well as a Breast Reconstructive Surgeon. Gosto dos frescos de Pompeia em dias de mais calor. Distingo a dor dos que perdem da total perda de dor. Prefiro o fundo da alma a fundos de investimento. Distingo liquidez dos bancos da liquidez de teus olhos. I like the frescoes of Pompei on really hot days. I distinguish the pain of losers from the total loss of pain. I like to feel the music returning to my life. I prefer the depths of my soul to the depths of the stock market. I distinguish the liquidity of banks from the liquidity in your eyes.

    I like a Caesar salad in a piazza in Rome. His work assisting non-profit organizations has produced over 20 chapbook titles for workshop participants. He is the current Co-Editor of Interstice, the literary journal of South Texas College, and co-runs a mobile book store. Caracas, Editor of the American bilingual anthology Entre el aliento y el precipicio. Her work is included in several American anthologies. Ecstatic Truth In Bolivia, Werner Herzog, maker of movies, maker of Salt and Fire , was looking for ecstatic truth , which sounds painful.

    Mychal Judge Era noche cerrada. Communion In memoriam Fr. Mychal Judge It was late at night. Remains While sleeping, I saw my grandmother in a white nightgown asking for air— a tired angel, but with radiant skin, hidden wrinkles, and stains covered in dye. Translated by the author.

    Stolen Child

    America, the Beautiful This is America, the dark house of fiction, the dark horse, the battle ground. Would You Marry Me? Alone Nighttime came to her like a tame and saffron dragon but the women in the neighborhood disapproved of the nocturnal shadows so she ate alone. Left Over Stolen from your drawer is the view of the sea missing from the stage are the nimble fingers of your youth removed from beneath the blanket are the words and phrases so apt to win you praise absent from the emerald is the woman who loved you and laced with cyanide is the familiar welcome to the remains.

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    “Ni tantita tristeza me dan los LeBarón": directora de Algarabía

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