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1.1 Top Ten Reasons to use Linux instead of Windows

SVG is liked by open source programmers because it's an open standard but it sees little use in the real world outside of Web browsers. I suspect it's to do with exporting documents to archiving systems.

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Calc now supports up to one million rows, again arguably useful only to people that use spreadsheets for serious data wrangling. In other words, you're covered should you and your computer slip through a time warp to You can open Microsoft Works documents as well. Of the kind of features companies like Microsoft would boast about, there's only a handful that stand out.

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  • Open Office installs vulnerable Java software.
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There's a new dialog box for creating title pages in Writer, for example, and an improved thesaurus. Calc features "more familiar" key bindings, which means you can use your Excel keyboard shortcuts, and Calc can also utilize Excel A1 and R1C1 formula syntax. The presentations package, Impress, features a handful of new extensions, including a Presenter Console that makes it easier to manage presentations on a laptop connected to a projector.

Across all programs, the print dialog box has been overhauled for ease of use.

Final Words

But that's about it. It's very hard to find anything to write home about. Arguably the biggest additions to Microsoft Office in recent years have been OneNote, the fantastically useful note-taking application, and SharePoint Workspace, which allows collaborative working.

Sadly, there's just nothing like either in LibreOffice 3. It's a release that would have been stunning in , but is now slightly anachronistic and dull. It's buggy too, in the way that OpenOffice. I managed to run into an issue straight away in Writer. Zooming out to two-page view should have invoked the horizontal scrollbar, but it didn't appear.


Which was the last version of LO able to run on Win XP?

And, with the drastically changed user interface that Microsoft imposed with Office , Open Office gained yet another advantage, it was more familiar and thus easier to use. LibreOffice grew out of Open Office and, while I didn't follow the story closely, from what I gathered it was a bit better. The story gets interesting when I recently upgraded an old version of Open Office 2.

The impetus for the upgrade was that the owner of the computer couldn't read some Word documents. I guessed that the extremely old version of Open Office pre-dated its ability to read.

Rather than directly upgrade, I un-installed the old version, then downloaded the latest edition from the home page of the OpenOffice. On Windows machines, this downloads both Open Office and Java as a single file. There's nothing like an underpowered computer to let you see every step in the installation process. On a faster machine I may have missed the fact that Open Office 3. Java is somewhat dangerous software to have on a Windows computer.

LibreOffice vs Microsoft Office – Which Is Best For You?

Bad guys frequently abuse bugs in older versions of the software to install malware. I've written about this before as have many others.

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  • – On opening a password-protected file, the LibreOffice dialog is not raised/given focus.
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  • Libre Office comes to Android.

The Defensive Computing rule of thumb is not to install Java until you know you really need it. According to the version history that I maintain at my JavaTester. It was superseded by Update 23 on January 3, The latest release of Java is Update 29, which fixed many security bugs. So too did Update 26, released in June of this year. If you are installing Open Office, be sure to download a version that does not include Java.

There is one reason I know about - ATM machines. Linux seems never had a virus, malware, hack, etc. More stable too. In reply to this post by Cley Faye. On In reply to this post by zahra a.

Behind the Screen with Ubuntu and LibreOffice

I loved XP as well. That was one reason that I found Ubuntu 9. That is what I use with a Ubuntu For Windows, I also wanted to keep XP for as long as possible. My old HP laptop was XP. I upgraded it to Win7. The next laptop has Win7 installed. Those laptops then went to Win10 on the Windows partition and Ubuntu My newest laptop [ASUS 17"] has only Ubuntu, since Windows 10 [came with] would over heat playing videos - streaming or local.

The last MS Office I uses was version Then I switched to OpenOffice.